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Friday, March 18, 2011

So, how was it? Did you carry out what I said in my last post? Did it work for you?
Me? I am trying to be a little strict on myself, since I was the one who said less is more so I have to be firm and grit my teeth. Believe me, this is hard! I have walked past the shops so many times and the urge to go in and buy things is often unbearable. I have succumbed to it twice though.
Let me share with you what I bought.
1, A leopard prints top, nothing fancy but I figured that it would be an asset to my wardrobe. It looks great with jeans, shorts and so Spring! But I am no cougar. And who says only cougar wears leopard?
2, A skirt with Leopard prints, yes, you heard it right. Leopard AGAIN! But this is so Dolce Gabbana. It comes with a little tutu and it makes me feels so happy just by wearing it and twirling it around!And it is only at $25 only. To date, I have wore it, like twice in a week. See, I am getting to be very good with this.
3, A fuchsia pink top. It is still spring!!! So I am thinking why not? I hadn't wore it yet as I only got it last night.
So there, this is my little confession. And believe me these are my only buys for the past 5 weeks.See, I am indeed getting to be very good with this.
Stay tune.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Did U miss me? Part I

Hello! Should I apologise for the lack of updates, news, goods?

It had been a hectic start to a brand new year. For a while, we were very caught up in it - with Nicky starting all over again in a new different part of Australia, new place/new job and of course new friends! I too, was very much involved in my son's new school and PTA meetings!!! We were pretty much stretched out.

And very important, we had wanted to start you gals on a thought! After pondering for a while, we decide on the most often common peeve that we are often faced with. How often do we wake up in the mornings, and feel we have nothing to wear?

For me, well, I can safely say "Almost everyday!" And mind you! I do have a huge extensive wardrobe. And when I say huge, I really do mean HUGE! Try imagining a walk-in , plus another huge closet in the next room, plus more boxes in my mother's flat that is packed to the brim with all sorts of colors, trends, prints, cuts, designers, flea market etc!! Ok, don't get me started on this! It is endless!

A lot of my friends like to run through my clothing and nick a few items off me. Not that they took without asking, they do ask nicely - most of the time - and I have parted with a few favourites so many times! Like an emerald green cardigan, a Celine Tee, or a Marc Jacob dress - just to named a few.

Ok my friends say they loved my stuff and they would like to borrow it for a special occasion blah blah blah! And I lend without further questions. After a while, it is theirs with my blessing as I constantly need new space for my ever expanding collection of clothing next to my ever dwindling space!!!

Just imagine this - I prowled the streets of Shanghai dutifully every weekends! Without fail. And after a couple of years, I had this habit of going out each time and coming home with some new item. Needless to say, the husband is often baffled by all the paper bags and receipts lying around. It got so bad that I had to hide the precious items! Anywhere and everywhere!

I am sure by now you must be very curious and think how can I ever be out of clothes to wear? I too, am very bewildered by it. How can it be? Finally after spending weeks of pondering over all possibilities, it dawned on me! I hope you are still with me.

Are you ready for the answer? THE ANSWER IS VERY SIMPLE! The reason is .... I have too much clothes! And that is why I feel that I have nothing to wear! Unbelievable? Wait, before you start dissing me, let me share something with you. I had a schoolmate, who used to adored my dressing and had tried to imitate me. She had openly told me so! She likes the way I creatively pair burgundy shirt with brown shorts! How chic! And I was only a primary schoolgirl! I would teamed up weird combinations of colors, or use some ribbons I found at my mother's workshop to tie a nice knot! I was very adventurous. And of course the fact that I was tall and lanky helps. I could pull off most crazy ideas.

But you see, the reason why I need to be creative was to hide the fact that I have very little items in my then pathetic drawer. So if I will have to wear it everyday, without changing or adding any details or ideas, by day 4 everyone will know that  I have reached the end of my routine and the girls in my class would be laughing at me! So I have to constantly updated and changed the details of my clothes.

But as I grow up and found my lifelong addiction! I started to lose that magical touch! I buy items without much of thought, e.g. would this item add credit to what I already have or do I need to buy another item just to go with this? All rational thoughts had vanished! I would lovingly fingered through the fabric, stared at the cut and then buy it without much sweat! Oh my sin!

So please do yourself a favour. If you do find yourself asking the same question on most days, think about what I have typed. Does that make sense? I hope it does. And consider yourself lucky for I have reached enlightenment and am willing to share this with you. So you need not make the same mistake that I did.

As for part II... Well, to be continued.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas BAZAAR at YWCA over the weekend!

So it was our first bazaar/flea market experience over the weekend at YWCA Fort Canning Lodge! As you can see above, it's Maggie busy with the last minute touch up here and there while I'm happy taking plenty of photos!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What are you up to on the 18th?

This is what we've been up to! Christmas Bazaar by YWCA!

I wonder if you ever get sick of shopping at the malls? I do. No, seriously I do. I guess once you've lived in places like Singapore and perhaps Hong Kong, where we get a new shopping mall every few months, you'd get so used to getting your stuff at a one-stop shop (thank God for air conditioning!). Perhaps like me, you're looking for something similar, something different. You love the sheltered and air conditioned bits, but you hate the same-old same-old you always see in every mall! You know you gonna love this bazaar! It's fully air conditioned but you'll get to see all the interesting merchandise!! Let alone those yummy cakes and cookies!

I've been to a couple of outdoor bazaars and flea markets (e.g. Perth Upmarket) and I love them all! I'm expecting this to be as good as, if not better than those I've been! Not to mention, we are expecting to see you there!

Here's another one!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Your thoughts on shoes?

 I wonder what are your thoughts on shoes. Hmm. Some time back in November, I posted a video featuring New York Magazine about What Men Think of Women's Shoes (Click here for the video!). I think I might just have outdo myself, I mean outdo my previous post!

Look at these design! (Note: These images do not belong to PetiteRoseRouge, Maggie or Nicky, nor are we affiliated to the designers. These images are taken from Kovi Levi, and they can be found in his blog

So what do you guys think? Personally I love his designs! Particularly the chewing gum! Such a conversational item! Wish this was retailing in Australia or Singapore, well may be US instead. Will be such a hit! I don't know about you, but I'm keeping a tab on more of his designs!